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E-commerce Development

Ingenits Technologies provide you Eommerce website development services. Ecommerce solution, Ecommerce marketing, ecommerce content design. Our customers are satisfied by our system because we always try to give our best services as possible. For commercial organizations, it permits customers to know about the business, it's products and services and the cost of controlling business on the website is low compared with the other traditional system.

eCommerce is nothing but a type of commerce. Its functioning style is sort of almost like that of the physical retail industry. The only difference it has with a brick-and-mortar store is that here, the entire process takes place online. The journey of an eCommerce firm begins with fixing an eCommerce website. It is usually through with plugins like WooCommerce. After that, the products are displayed along side necessary details like product descriptions and price tags.

Our Development Services

  • Develop Ecommerce Website
  • Website optimization
  • Social media optimization for ecommerce
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Google ads
  • Product Photoshoot and Edit

Develop you E-commerce

  • Optimize Facebook page and others social media
  • Create Shop on facebook
  • Upload product on shop
  • Research your coustomer and tergate them
  • Run ad on facebook
  • Reply coustomers query and sale