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Ingenits: the best IT service company in Bangladesh

Ingentis is one of the successful IT service companies and also software companies in Bangladesh. It is not the matter of just a company, we struggled our best to achieve the customer's trust and tried to provide a high method to deliver software development, web development, graphics design, commercial, digital marketing. Our company is always busy with producing upgraded versions of technologies for better results.

Providing high quality of service is really important , especially for the IT sector. We always try our best to make customers satisfied and receive our service gladly. The main service we provide for you are :


  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Domanin Hosting Service

Website Design & Development:

Do you know having a website for big or small can make your business rich and connected with different people over the world? Isn't this interesting? So what are you waiting for?

Our companies offer expeditious and flexible Websites to make your business attracted by others and Ecommerce web development. Our team has skilled web developers who work on many different platforms using for instance: WordPress and Laravel etc. We tried to complete our work in time.

Graphics Design and Motion Graphics:

Here comes the important one! What's that ?It's a graphic design. Unique design is very important for your business to make your more eye-catching and colorful pictures with innovative ideas. Our company has the best designer who can create Logo Design, Social Media Banner Design, Google's ads Design, Facebook ads,e-books, T-shirt Graphics. helps you to bring your business credibility in your company.

Motion graphic is most popular right now for your business presentation or branding. We provide your logo animation, Youtube video intro. Motion banner etc.

Digital Marketing Soluton

I think this is one of the common terms "Digital marketing". We all are familiar with this word. Do you know how important digital marketing is?For every online business purpose, we need it always.

In today's world , it is one of the important ways you raise the power of selling and buying services and products, step ahead of the competition. It can make your business quite reliable and easy because our skilled team members are busy with learning the best way to provide good quality of writing which can reach to the position of SEO(Search Engines Optimization), Social Media marketing , Facebook ads and google ads.


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